Vikram Phatak Launches

December 1, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas – December 1, 2020 – Vikram Phatak, former CEO of NSS Labs (2007 – 2018), is launching, a member-based organization that will provide unbiased ratings, technical reports and expert advice to help organizations with cyber risk.

One of the security industry’s foremost thought leaders, Phatak established NSS Labs as a go-to source for trusted independent, fact-based guidance on security product efficacy. For more than a decade, he grew NSS Labs from a small test lab to a global leader in security product testing. In 2018, he stepped down as CEO to focus on his health and spend more time with his family.

Shortly after NSS Labs ceased operations on October 15, 2020, Phatak struck a deal with the custodians of NSS Labs to license data from testing. will publish Product Ratings for the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) market in the coming days. Enterprise Firewall (formerly known as Next Generation Firewall) and Breach Prevention Systems will also be published by in the coming weeks.

The closing of NSS Labs created a hole in the market. Independent, third-party assessments of security products are still needed by enterprises, especially in the context of risk management.

“My intent when I was running NSS Labs was to make the world a better place. But it wasn’t the right vehicle. Doing it alone was never going to work. It has to be an effort supported by the entire ecosystem.” said Phatak, Chairman and CEO of

Free membership in, which provides access to summary reports, will be free. A Paid membership will have a low entry fee to gain access to detailed reports. As more programs are introduced in the coming weeks, professional and corporate memberships will become available as well.