Your privacy is important to and its affiliated entities (“CyberRatings”). Please read this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) before you continue accessing the CyberRatings websites or pages (the “Site”) that display or link to this Policy.

We may update this Policy periodically to reflect changes to CyberRatings information handling practices. We encourage you to review this Policy on a regular basis and particularly whenever you elect to provide personal information to CyberRatings



This Policy describes privacy practices of (“CyberRatings”) processing, use, storage, and disclosure of personal and personally identifiable information (collectively “Information”). This Policy governs CyberRatings’ collection and use of Information obtained from or about you, online or offline.

CyberRatings collects, uses, and processes your Information as legally permitted under applicable privacy laws.

CyberRatings may process your Information under the following legal basis:

  • Contracts – in case you are a Contract Party (as defined below) including, but not limited to, as customer, customer representative, employee of a customer, authorized user of a customer, or business partner: CyberRatings collects, processes and uses your Information without your consent, as far as the processing is necessary for the establishment and the fulfillment of CyberRatings’ obligations under any contract with you as well as for billing or reporting purposes.
  • Consent provided by you – in case you are a job applicant or a subscriber of CyberRatings information and newsletter or for any other purpose as requested.
  • Compliance with a legal obligation – in case we are required by law to process the Information for a particular purpose.
  • Legitimate interests – in case you are browsing on the Sites or Applications or you are a Contract Party or its related parties: we may process Information without consent if we have a genuine and legitimate reason (including commercial benefit), unless this is outweighed by harm to your rights and interests.

CyberRatings does not target its services or this Site to children under 18. CyberRatings does not knowingly or intentionally collect Information from children under 18. If we learn that we have Information of a child under age 18, this information will be deleted as soon as is practicable after discovery.

CyberRatings strives to handle your Information in a manner consistent with the local privacy laws that apply to you, in the jurisdictions where CyberRatings operates, and/or in the jurisdictions specifically defined in an applicable legal agreement between CyberRatings and its customers and any Contract Party.

When you use the Site or submit Information via the Site, or to CyberRatings representatives, you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and agree to be bound by this Policy and the CyberRatings Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”). If you submit Information of or about other persons, you specifically represent that you have their consent or authority to consent to this Policy. To comply with applicable law, CyberRatings may require that you signify in writing your consent or authority to consent to this Policy. CyberRatings’ use and processing of Information is lawful provided you provide your Information by participating in any CyberRatings activity, or by not exercising your right to opt-out of marketing communications to the extent permitted by applicable law.

CyberRatings may have entered into separate written agreements with you that contain specific data protection provisions, in which case, the terms of such other written agreements prevail of general terms of this Policy in the context of the agreement.

Information that CyberRatings Collects

Information that CyberRatings collects may include:

  • your name, business title, contact details such as telephone, mobile, or fax number, email and/or postal address when you: communicate electronically, by telephone, or in writing with any CyberRatings employee or representative; purchase any CyberRatings product or service from CyberRatings or a CyberRatings partner; apply or register for any event involving a CyberRatings product, service, or promotional activity; subscribe to the CyberRatings newsletter; are a principal, or director, officer, employee, or representative of a person or entity in the preparation, execution, and/or performance of a contract with CyberRatings (“Contracting Party”);
  • corporate and billing information of Contracting Party;
  • bank account details of a Contracting Party entitled to receive payment from CyberRatings;
  • your consent for CyberRatings’ processing of your Information if applicable;
  • your consent for marketing permissions the use of cookies and other data collection techniques, and
  • your résumé or curriculum vitae if you apply for a job position or inquire about career opportunities, your areas of interest or message topic, your language preferences, or such similar information that CyberRatings requests.

Why CyberRatings Collects Information

CyberRatings collects Information online:

  • to create a contract and to carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you/ your company and CyberRatings;
  • to allow access and use of the Site;
  • to provide CyberRatings products, services, technical support, and to resolve Site user problems;
  • to communicate with users, respond to inquiries, send administrative information and service notifications;
  • to tailor content and improve Site quality and user experience and notify users of changes or updates to the Site or the Application;
  • to tailor marketing to users’ and subscribers’ needs; remarket and advertise to previous Site users; and send users CyberRatings notifications and communication on current and new products or services and CyberRatings news updates, programs or events;
  • to perform data analysis and anonymization of personal information;
  • to allow participation in community discussion, or blogs
  • to allow access to downloadable materials and third-party resources;
  • to perform accounting, auditing, billing, reconciliation, and collection activities;
  • to process online applications for job vacancies and spontaneous job applications;
  • to verify user compliance with the CyberRatings Terms of Use and
  • for CyberRatings’ business purposes, including to test, improve, and develop products and services, and to customize, measure, and enhance effectivity of promotional events and communications to customers; to track marketing campaign results and responses; to enhance security, and to protect CyberRatings from fraud or other inappropriate conduct.

CyberRatings collects Information offline:

  • to create or perform a contract;
  • to respond to a request or to perform a required activity;
  • to communicate news and updates on CyberRatings products and services;
  • to enhance CyberRatings’ business programs and the relevance of CyberRatings’ marketing activities, and product and service offerings.

Information Collected Through the Site

CyberRatings collects both active and passive information online.

Active information may include:

  • your name, company name, job title, salutation;
  • email address, home and/or business address, invoice details and shipping address;
  • telephone number, mobile number, or other contact information;
  • payment service information;
  • demographic information such as your gender, postal code, country, industry, preferences, as well as username and password;
  • other personal information that you elect to disclose and as CyberRatings may request from time to time.

Passive information that CyberRatings may automatically receive as you navigate through the Site or through your use of certain browsers, applications, or devices, and without you actively providing the information, include your IP address, browser and device information and identifier, operating system type and version, location, date, time and time zone, network routing information, equipment versions, and similar information.

CyberRatings employs third party service providers of various technologies that gather select passive information to enable CyberRatings to conduct statistical analysis for marketing and Site and service enhancement purposes.

Third Party Tracking Technologies and Services

CyberRatings and third party service providers of tracking technologies gather non-personal information using passive data collection techniques such as cookies, web beacons, tags, and other tools that provide CyberRatings with site activity data reflecting how you enter, navigate, and leave the pages you visit on and throughout the Site or any other application, the frequency of your visit and length of stay on any part of the Site or the Application or third party websites, application or device usage data, and your product or service preference indicated by the number of times and the length of time you view a product.

“Cookies” are small and sometimes encrypted text files sent from the Site to your browser or hard drive that store bits of information about you and your use of the Site or the Application. Cookies allow CyberRatings to remember the products and services you request, to assist with the downloading or uploading of documents and other materials from and to the Site or the Application, to create a more personalized user experience, to analyze Site traffic, and to improve Site content and display. Cookies may last until you close your browser, or until you delete them manually or until they expire. Cookies may collect a unique identifier and store user information such as IP addresses, navigational data, server information, data transfer times, user preferences, and Information including username and password you provide for a user account you establish. CyberRatings maintains a separate, comprehensive policy as it relates to its use of Cookies, which can be found here.

To manage your privacy preferences, you may configure your Internet browser using the browser’s “help” or “settings” function in order to alert you when a cookie is sent or used and allow you the option to accept, reject or remove cookies. You can, in general, manage interest-based advertising or completely opt-out by indicating your choice in If you reject, disable or remove cookies, you might not be able to access certain pages or important functions on the Site.

If you have further questions regarding’s use of Cookies or are seeking further information about Cookies and their use by CyberRatings, please refer to the Cookie Policy, found here.

Remarketing tags (such as a pixel tag, a clear GIF, or a universal website tag) are snippets of code that CyberRatings adds on certain pages of the Site or the Application (a “Tag”). A Tag is a “web beacon” that appears as a clear graphic image of a 1×1 pixel delivered through a web browser or an HTML compliant e-mail client application to a user’s device. CyberRatings uses these remarketing tags together with cookies to reach previous Site visitors for marketing activities.

Use of data collected with cookies and Tags is governed by this Policy as to CyberRatings use, and by the any applicable service providers’ Privacy Policies as to their data use.

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and log files are used to identify server problems, improve Site content, and compile aggregated statistics about Site usage and click-stream data. The Site also uses electronic images, known as web beacons, to help personalize your experience and perform standard Site traffic analysis in a manner similar to the use of cookies. CyberRatings reserves the right to introduce new passive tracking technologies and techniques related to the use of the Site, subject to and in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

User Profile, Preferences, and Opt-Out

To gain full access to certain areas of the Site in order to obtain a service, request for information, download materials, or subscribe to or participate in certain CyberRatings programs, CyberRatings may require you to create a user account and maintain a user profile.

You can control your preferences related to your use of the Site – including opting into or out of marketing information and certain programs and interests in your user account by informing CyberRatings at [email protected]. You can opt-out of electronic communications by clicking the “un-subscribe” or “opt-out link” included in all of CyberRatings’ marketing communication. If you are a Member of CyberRatings, you can access your user profile at any time to change your preferences or make other modifications.

Other Important Privacy Information

Links to Other Internet Websites

The privacy practices set forth in this Policy apply to this Site and the specified activities only. Other websites, whether operated by CyberRatings or by third parties, may have different privacy practices. Please review the privacy policies of such other websites that you access through the Site or the Application. CyberRatings is neither responsible nor liable for the content of any third-party websites, nor for the compliance with applicable laws and regulations of any third party.

Do Not Track

CyberRatings does not process or respond to “Do Not Track” signals from your browser or other mechanisms that enable consumer choice regarding the collection of personal information about one’s online activities over time and across third-party websites or online services.

Information Collected Offline

In the context of a contractual relationship, CyberRatings will collect only Information of a Contracting Party and its representatives and will use such Information only as necessary for the execution and performance of a contract. CyberRatings will collect, use, and process such Information in accordance with the contract and with specific instructions of the Contracting Party that provides such Information, as well as specific instructions of the person who owns the Information.

Collection, Use, and Processing of Information Collected Offline

Information collected directly or indirectly from or about you or a Contracting Party and its representatives may be used and processed by CyberRatings in the countries where CyberRatings operates, as may be reasonably expected in the conduct of CyberRatings’ business and the respective CyberRatings departments’ specific responsibilities, such as: the execution of a proper contract and compliance with applicable contract law; compliance with general applicable law and reporting requirements; manufacture and/or processing of a product or Service according to certain customer requirements, procurement of supplies and services; processing of payments, audits; conduct of research, marketing events and related promotional activities.

If CyberRatings receives Information or other personal data that it has not requested, CyberRatings will treat such Information or other personal data in the same manner as it would for Information actively collected in cases where the Information has, in CyberRatings’ discretion, significance to a contract or transaction to which CyberRatings is a party. In any other case and if practicable, CyberRatings will delete or destroy the Information or other personal data.

Storage, Transfer, and Disclosure of Information

CyberRatings does not host the Site on its own servers and, instead, utilizes third party providers for hosting services. Your Information may be stored and processed in a country where CyberRatings operates. By using the Site and providing Information to CyberRatings, you consent to the transfer of Information across CyberRatings’ subsidiaries, hosting providers, or other entities, in countries outside of your country of residence, including the United States, European Union, Switzerland, Canada, or other locations which may have different data protection rules than those of your country. CyberRatings cannot warrant where particular data may be hosted, nor through what other jurisdictions it may pass.

Information may be transferred, accessed, and stored at global facilities of service providers engaged by CyberRatings, as necessary for the provision of the products and services, for the reasonable conduct of CyberRatings’ business operations and activities, and when the transfer is legally permissible and appropriate for the purposes described in this Policy.

CyberRatings will not retain your Information for longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as permitted by applicable laws or regulations. Provided, and to the extent that it is not contrary to any legal requirements or legitimate interest of CyberRatings, we will delete your Information as soon as you inform us that you do not wish CyberRatings to process your Information any longer. Please contact [email protected] to appropriate a request.

CyberRatings may disclose and transfer the Information to protect the security of the Site or the rights of CyberRatings, its subsidiaries, directors, officers, and employees, or individual rights of other parties. CyberRatings may disclose Information to law enforcement authorities or other government officials, in response to legal matters and as required by law (including applicable Freedom of Information or similar law) or by legal process, when necessary to protect property, prevent harm or loss, or in connection with any investigation such as for fraud or illegal activity.

CyberRatings may disclose and transfer Information to IT providers, subcontractors, and other third-party service providers that assist with the operation of the Site or the Application and with our business operations and marketing activities.

CyberRatings may disclose and transfer Information to other third party in relation to any merger and acquisition or other similar activities.

Information may be transferred to jurisdictions that may not offer an adequate level of protection such as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in which case, CyberRatings will ensure that the data recipient adequately safeguards the Information. A data recipient that qualifies as a data processor will be required to process the Information in accordance with CyberRatings’ instructions and the European Data Protection Directive (General Data Protection Regulation), as applicable.

Additional Communication

When you unsubscribe or opt-out as described in the individual communication or contact CyberRatings as indicated in this Policy, you will be removed from the selected marketing communications and/or subscribers list within ten (10) business days.

Access, Correction, and Deletion of Information

You may directly access, modify, update, or delete all or part of your Information in your user profile, if you are a Customer or user with an account, or you may request that CyberRatings modify, delete, or restrict processing of your Information by writing to CyberRatings at [email protected]. at CyberRatings will make every reasonable effort to promptly comply with your request. CyberRatings may, however, limit access to your Information where such access is unreasonably burdensome or expensive under the circumstances, or as otherwise permitted by international standards. To protect your privacy and the integrity of your Information, CyberRatings may take reasonable steps to verify your identity before responding to your request, and to validate any request affecting your Information when presented anonymously or when made upon an assumed name.

Complain to a Data Protection Supervisory Authority

If you have any questions with regards to the processing of your Information, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

If you are an individual with residency in the EU and you do not agree how CyberRatings processes your Information you may submit your complaint to the Belgian European Data Protection Authority.

Data Security

Pursuant to applicable Data Privacy laws and regulations, CyberRatings maintains reasonable technical and organization measures to protect Information against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access.

Revisions to this Policy

CyberRatings will update this Policy from time to time to reflect changes in CyberRatings’ privacy practices, or to comply with law and regulations. CyberRatings may request that you confirm your understanding of a revised privacy policy when you register for additional services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Policy or CyberRatings’ privacy practices, or if you require a copy of this Policy in a format conforming to Data Privacy law applicable to you, please write or send an email to CyberRatings at [email protected].