Our Mission

CyberRatings.org is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization dedicated to providing confidence in cybersecurity products and services through our research and testing programs. We provide enterprises with independent, objective ratings of security product efficacy.

Cybersecurity products should just work. A market distortion prevents it. We aim to correct that market distortion.

Our Story

The CyberRatings.org team has unique security product testing expertise with a combined proficiency spanning more than three decades. Executives have fostered well-established relationships with most large and small security vendors; and have built an earned trust with vendors and enterprises. We strive to conduct our tests at the highest technical standards with meaningful independence. Without testing, gaps in security coverage can remain undiscovered for long periods of time.

Members Should Ask the Hard Questions

  • How can I reduce risk in this cloud journey?
  • What parameters are vendors testing against?
  • What products align best with my environment?

Independent Testing Helps You Make Decisions with Confidence

  • Define and track performance acceptability thresholds for the different technologies in relation to specific controls and different loss scenarios
  • Identify relevant potential products for critical loss scenarios
  • Analyze and plan for cloud transformation and changes to the traditional risk profiles

Our testing programs include technical deep dives on a product’s security effectiveness, performance and other factors important to protecting the enterprise. The results from our testing programs include individual reports, and comparative reports.