Enterprise Firewall (formerly NGFW)

In This Report

Enterprise Firewall reports are provided in two ways: individual test reports for each vendor and a comparative report summarizing ratings and test results for all of the vendors in the test. While the overall Ratings are free to view, the individual test reports and the comparative report require a Personal Membership registration to access.

The detailed reports include analyses of security effectiveness, performance, SSL/TLS functionality, management, and customer feedback.

Technology Overview

CyberRatings determines a vendor’s inclusion in a group test based on an analysis of the market and an understanding of the criteria important to consumers.  Elements considered are:

  • Vendor market presence
  • Products identified by industry analysts covering the specific technology area
  • Consumer requests for a product to be included in a test
  • Innovative technology or solution (requires internal vetting for emerging vendors)

These ratings are based on rigorous assessments and include data licensed from NSS Labs during their 2020 testing sessions.