Enterprise Firewall (formerly NGFW)

In This Report

Enterprise Firewall reports are provided in two ways: individual test reports for each vendor and a comparative report summarizing ratings and test results for all of the vendors in the test. While the overall Ratings are free to view, the individual test reports and the comparative report require a PAID Membership registration to access.

The detailed reports provide analysis of security effectiveness, performance, SSL/TLS functionality, routing & access control, and stability & reliability.

Technology Overview

Six our of eight products tested received Recommended ratings with high security effectiveness scores ranging from 94.05% to 99.94%. One product received a Neutral Rating and one received a Caution.

Security Effectiveness tests measured how well the enterprise firewall controlled network access/applications and prevented exploits/evasions, all while remaining resistant to false positives. Products were subjected to thorough testing to determine their support for TLS/SSL 1.2 and 1.3 cipher suites, how they defended against 1,724 exploits, whether protection could be bypassed by any of 1,482 evasions, and if the devices would remain stable under adverse conditions.