Press Announces its 2021 Ratings Chart for Enterprise Firewall + SSL/TLS

February 18, 2021

With roughly 75% of web traffic encrypted, firewalls are increasingly required to decrypt traffic before inspecting for threats.

AUSTIN, Texas – February 18, 2021 – today announced its group product ratings results for Enterprise Firewall Networks + SSL/TLS. is a member organization dedicated to quantifying cyber risk and providing transparency on cybersecurity efficacy through testing and ratings programs.

The firewall market is one of the largest and most mature security technology segments.  Firewalls are used to protect a trusted network from an untrusted network. Firewalls have undergone several stages of development, from early packet filtering and circuit relay firewalls to application layer (proxy-based) and stateful inspection firewalls. With the expanded use of SSL/TLS crisscrossing the modern network, inspection of encrypted content is required.

“A firewall needs to protect against threats without slowing down the network,” said Vikram Phatak, Chairman and CEO at CyberRatings. “Given that over 75 percent of web traffic is encrypted, administrators must enable SSL/TLS capabilities, or their firewalls will miss a lot of attacks.  But doing so will slow down the network.  Therefore, people should plan accordingly.”

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