Exploring the Landscape of Cloud Network Firewalls Available on AWS

March 7, 2024

A Shallow Dive into Various Cloud Network Firewall Options on AWS

Today we focus on the diverse array of Cloud Network Firewalls available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This comprehensive overview aims to inform IT professionals, network administrators, security analysts, and cybersecurity enthusiasts about the various firewall options on AWS, beyond just AWS's native offerings.

Cloud Network Firewalls on AWS: A Broad Spectrum

AWS hosts a range of third-party cloud network firewalls, each offering unique features and capabilities tailored to different organizational needs. Here’s a rundown of some key players:

  1. Arista Networks Cloud Network Firewall
    Arista Networks provides a cloud network firewall offering for AWS environments, with a focus on traffic management and security. Its features include firewall capabilities, detailed traffic inspection, and policy enforcement tools. The offering is designed for compatibility with complex network architectures, providing various deployment options to meet diverse cloud security requirements.
  2. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall
    The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, designed for AWS, offers security for cloud-connected networks. Its features encompass threat protection, VPN connectivity, and application-based traffic management. The firewall is developed to adapt to the evolving requirements of cloud infrastructures and includes centralized management for administration across distributed network setups.
  3. Check Point CloudGuard
    Check Point CloudGuard is a network security offering for AWS, including features like intrusion prevention, identity awareness, and anti-bot technology. It is designed for AWS service integration, aiming to protect cloud assets. CloudGuard supports auto-scaling to adapt its security measures in response to network traffic variations. This offering is intended for cloud environments, providing capabilities for managing security policies and handling network traffic.
  4. Cisco Cloud Network Firewall
    Known for its firepower series and ASA (Adaptive Security Appliances), Cisco offers a cloud network firewall tailored for AWS environments, equipped with features to manage network traffic and enforce security policies. This offering includes capabilities for inspecting and controlling traffic flow, as well as implementing security rules across cloud deployments. Designed to integrate with AWS, Cisco's firewall aims to provide network security management suited to various cloud infrastructure requirements.
  5. Forcepoint Cloud Network Firewall
    Forcepoint's cloud network firewall for AWS offers capabilities like SD-WAN integration and centralized management to safeguard network perimeters in cloud environments. The Forcepoint offering is structured to provide security management for cloud-based networks. It incorporates features for monitoring network activities and implementing security protocols to address potential threats.
  6. Fortinet FortiGate-VM: The Fortinet FortiGate-VM is a virtual firewall solution tailored for AWS environments, providing a range of network security capabilities. It offers features such as intrusion prevention, web filtering, and SSL inspection, aimed at safeguarding virtualized and cloud infrastructures. Key aspects include its ability to scale dynamically with AWS workloads, integration with AWS services for enhanced management and monitoring, and support for centralized control through Fortinet's FortiManager. FortiGate-VM is designed to address various security requirements for AWS deployments, from basic VPC protection to advanced threat prevention, catering to diverse network architectures and compliance needs. As with any cloud network firewall solution, its effectiveness and suitability can vary based on specific organizational requirements and network configurations.
  7. Hillstone Networks: Focused on visibility and control, Hillstone offers advanced features for threat detection and mitigation. The offering includes capabilities for inspecting network activities and enforcing relevant security measures. Hillstone's firewall is developed to support the security needs of cloud deployments, providing functionalities that facilitate the management of network traffic and the implementation of security policies in cloud environments.
  8. Juniper Networks vSRX Cloud Network Firewall
    Juniper Networks offers the vSRX Cloud Network Firewall for AWS, providing network traffic management and policy enforcement. This firewall includes features for monitoring network activities and implementing security protocols. The vSRX offering is designed for AWS environments, aiming to address various network security management needs in cloud infrastructures.
  9. Palo Alto Networks VM-Series
    The VM-Series from Palo Alto Networks is a cloud network firewall available on AWS, focusing on network traffic security and policy management. It offers features for inspecting network traffic and applying security rules. The VM-Series is developed to integrate with AWS, providing network security capabilities for different cloud deployment scenarios.
  10. Sophos UTM and XG Firewalls
    Sophos offers the UTM and XG Firewalls for AWS environments, delivering features to manage network security and traffic. These firewalls include tools for network activity monitoring and security protocol enforcement. Both the UTM and XG Firewalls by Sophos are structured to support security management in cloud-based networks, with functionalities aimed at maintaining network integrity and implementing necessary security measures.
  11. Versa Networks Cloud Network Firewall
    Versa Networks specializes in next-generation firewall capabilities integrated with SD-WAN, suitable for enterprises looking for a combination of security and network optimization. Its cloud network firewall solution for AWS is equipped to handle network security and traffic control. Versa Networks' firewall is tailored for AWS cloud environments, focusing on meeting diverse network security management requirements in cloud infrastructures.

Choosing the Right Cloud Network Firewall on AWS

Selecting the right cloud network firewall on AWS depends on specific security requirements, scalability needs, and integration capabilities. Factors to consider include:

  • Security Features: Assess the firewall's capability to protect against the specific threats your organization faces.
  • Performance and Scalability: Ensure the firewall can handle your current and projected traffic volumes without compromising performance.
  • Integration with AWS Services: Look for firewalls that offer seamless integration with other AWS services for streamlined security management.
  • Cost: Consider both upfront and ongoing costs associated with each firewall solution.


The choice of a cloud network firewall on AWS should be guided by your organization's unique security, performance, and budgetary requirements. Each of the mentioned firewalls brings distinct advantages and specialties to the table, catering to a wide range of cloud-based security needs.

Stay tuned for our Cloud Network Firewall test results coming in March.