Endpoint Protection / Anti-Virus (Malware)

If you use a computer, you have been the target of a cyberattack. If you are a student, a gamer, a retiree, or are self-employed; if you are an employee who works from home or in a small business, or if you travel with your laptop – this report is intended for you.  Some malware (e.g., ransomware) can be catastrophic.  Other malware behaves more like a parasite that uses your PCs resources to perform tasks (e.g., cryptocurrency mining). Yet other malware records your keystrokes and steals passwords or hijacks online banking.

Before the pandemic, employees in businesses large and small had the benefit of protection from their company’s network with its layered defenses that included firewalls, intrusion prevention, and other threat detection systems. Company IT teams chose the endpoint protection products and as employees, responsibility was limited to following the cybersecurity team’s best practices such as not clicking on suspicious links in an email or social media.  

But, if you are one of millions who suddenly found themselves working from home during the COVID pandemic, and may even still be working remote, your protection is probably limited to the web browser you choose and your endpoint protection product. In order to provide some guidance, we published browser protection earlier this month (August 2022) and are now publishing this report covering eight endpoint protection / anti-virus products. 

Over 40,000 live tests were performed on each product, providing a ±0.49% margin of error. And since most infections occur in the first few hours after a new malware campaign is launched, the time it takes for a security product to block the attack matters a lot. That is why we tested not only how much malware a product blocks, but how quickly it blocks an attack.

This report is the first in a series of tests we will be doing on endpoint products. If you would like to see a product tested, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Comparative Test Report

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