Cloud Network Firewall (CNFW) Test Update

August 10, 2022
Vikram Phatak

Today we published our test report of Forcepoint’s Cloud Network Firewall (CNFW). This follows last month’s publication of Fortinet’s Cloud Network Firewall at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. These are the first two publications from the Cloud Network Firewall group test. Testing covered Management & Reporting Capabilities, Routing and Policy Enforcement, SSL/TLS Functionality, Threat Prevention and Performance. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the cloud provider.

We have been asked who else is in the test, and we want to let everyone know there is more coming!! We expect several more products to be added to the test before we publish our comparative report in a few months. The next reports to be published will be Juniper and Versa, which are currently being tested. I don’t mean to be coy about the specifics of when and who all will be published; this is a new test and like anything new, testing the first few products takes time. We ask everyone to bear with us while we go through these growing pains.

As a reminder, we ask that you please tell us which technologies and vendors you would like to see us test. The easiest way is to email us at [email protected].

Thank you,
Vikram Phatak