SD-WAN 2021


Modern networks are complex and distributed. By separating the network control plane from the forwarding plane, software-defined networking (SDN) enables dynamic network performance monitoring and configuration. Applying SDN technology to wide area networks (WANs) enables connections to be established and maintained between numerous sites over varying link types.

Q1 2021 Product Rating considerations for SD-WAN included measuring technical capabilities such as dynamic path selection, path conditioning, link saturation and congestion, quality of service, high availability, rated throughput, as well as user experience, management and reporting capabilities, and customer feedback.

A product rating is a forecast, an educated opinion about a product’s capacity to meet its obligations to consumers over time. Product ratings inform consumers—enhancing transparency and enabling them to focus on considerations that are most critical to their organizations.


wdt_ID Description Technology Category Action Date Rating Notes
15 Barracuda Networks SD-WAN 12/16/2020 AA
21 Cisco SD-WAN 12/16/2020 B
22 Citrix SD-WAN 12/16/2020 A
23 Cradlepoint SD-WAN 12/16/2020 CC
24 FatPipe SD-WAN 12/16/2020 B
25 Forcepoint SD-WAN 12/16/2020 AA
26 Fortinet SD-WAN 12/16/2020 AA
28 Juniper Networks SD-WAN 12/16/2020 A
29 Oracle (Talari Networks) SD-WAN 12/16/2020 BBB
30 Palo Alto Networks (CloudGenix) SD-WAN 12/16/2020 A
31 Silver Peak SD-WAN 12/16/2020 AAA
32 Versa Networks SD-WAN 12/16/2020 AAA
33 VMware (VeloCloud) SD-WAN 12/16/2020 AA