Enterprise Firewall 2021


The 2021 Enterprise Firewall + SSL/TLS product rating reports are now available. Ten market leaders have received ratings.

CyberRatings determines a vendor’s inclusion in a group test based on an analysis of the market and an understanding of the criteria important to consumers.  Elements considered are:

  • Vendor market presence
  • Products identified by industry analysts covering the specific technology area
  • Consumer requests for a product to be included in a test
  • Innovative technology or solution (requires internal vetting for emerging vendors)

Ratings are expert opinions: forward looking guidance on a product’s ability to meet future commitments to customers and is based on multiple factors including technology and business leadership, employee turnover, customer satisfaction, financial strength, test results, and market conditions. Test results included security effectiveness, performance, SSL/TLS functionality, management, and customer feedback.


wdt_ID Description Technology Category Action Date Rating Notes
15 Barracuda Networks Enterprise Firewall 02/17/2021 A
21 Check Point Enterprise Firewall 02/11/2021 AAA
22 Cisco Enterprise Firewall 02/09/2021 BB
23 Forcepoint Enterprise Firewall 02/17/2021 AAA
24 Fortinet Enterprise Firewall 02/11/2021 AA
25 Juniper Networks Enterprise Firewall 02/10/2021 AA
26 Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Firewall 02/09/2021 AAA
28 Sangfor Enterprise Firewall 02/11/2021 AAA
29 Versa Networks Enterprise Firewall 02/17/2021 AA
30 WatchGuard Enterprise Firewall 02/17/2021 AA