Cloud Network Firewall is excited to announce results from its first-of-its-kind Cloud Network Firewall Comparative Test. Eight market leaders in the cloud network firewall space were evaluated for capabilities considered essential in a firewall including basic routing, access control, SSL / TLS decryption, threat prevention (exploits), evasion, performance, stability and reliability, and management.

While the firewall market is one of the largest and most mature security technology segments, cloud network firewalls are deployed within a cloud service that by definition is constantly changing. Protecting resources that are also deployed within that same cloud service is a challenge for both the security vendors and consumers.

We would like to thank Keysight for providing their CyPerf and Breaking Point tools for us to test Cloud Network Firewall.

We would also like to thank TeraPackets for providing us with their Threat Replayer tool.


wdt_ID Description Rating Rated Throughput Price / Year
15 Check Point Cloud Network Firewall CloudGuard IaaS R81.20-581 AAA 835 $67,333
21 Cisco Firepower Threat Defense for AWS Version 7.2.0 CC 607 $32,952
22 Forcepoint Cloud Network Firewall v6.11 AAA 943 $70,168
23 Fortinet Cloud Network Firewall v7.0.5 Build 0304(GA) AAA 946 $47,183
24 Juniper Cloud Network Firewall 22.1R1.1 AAA 974 $41,391
25 Palo Alto Networks Cloud Network Firewall PA-VM-AWS-10.2.2 AA 845 $45,331
26 Sophos Cloud Network Firewall SFOS 19.0.0 GA-Build317 A 730 $31,142
28 Versa Networks Cloud Network Firewall Versa-FlexVNF-21.2.3 AAA 965 $25,533

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