Cloud Network Firewall

While the firewall market is one of the largest and most mature security technology segments, cloud network firewalls are relatively new. Firewalls have undergone several stages of development, from early packet filtering and circuit relay firewalls to application layer (proxy-based) and dynamic packet filtering firewalls. This is a new technology, deployed within a cloud service that by definition is constantly changing, protecting resources that are also deployed within that same cloud service.

In this first cloud network firewall test of its kind, tested Management and Reporting Capabilities, Routing and Policy Enforcement, SSL/TLS Functionality, Threat Prevention and Performance.

The first test report was published in June 2022 with additional test reports published in July and August. We expect several more products to be added to the test before we publish our comparative report in a few months.

We would like to issue a special thank you to Keysight for providing their CyPerf and Breaking Point tools for us to test Cloud Network Firewall.

We would also like to thank TeraPackets for providing us with their Threat Replayer tool.