Test Reports

Independent, 3rd Party Testing

The team at CyberRatings.org has unique security product testing expertise with a combined proficiency spanning more than three decades. Executives at CyberRatings.org have fostered well-established relationships with most large and small security vendors, and have built an earned trust with both vendors and enterprises. This gives all parties involved a comfort level that the test will be built and conducted to the highest technical standards with meaningful independence.

Members Should Ask the Hard Questions

  • How can I reduce risk in this cloud journey?
  • What parameters are vendors testing against?
  • What products align best with my environment?

Technology fuels revenue growth, cost reduction through automation, reduces (some) business risk and allows us to gain efficiencies. But adoption introduces new risks, namely security.

Independent testing will help your company gain visibility and reduce uncertainty about security product effectiveness. Let us know how we can help.

New Methodologies

Browser Security

Cloud Network Firewall

Endpoint Protection

Enterprise Firewall (formerly NGFW)

Security Service Edge

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

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